Garage Roofing Kit (Metal Roofing Sheets)


This pack is designed to re cover an Apex Garage Roof - for the maximum size of Length 6 metres, and each slope is 2.440 metres in length. 

It only costs £470 + VAT, delivered to your door for the majority of the UK, however there are restrictions which we apologise for but we are restricted on transport to certain areas. 

The Sheet Specification: 

Each sheet measures 2.440m long providing a 1m cover in width. In this pack you will receive 12 sheets. 

0.5mm Gauge, Box Profile Polyester Finish which gives a painted finish. 

These are manufactured from prime first grade material, which will provide for 10 / 15 year life span (with correct mantainance). 

Flashings - Bargeboards 

4 supplied, at a length of 2.440m each measuring 150mm x 150mm with a 90 degree angle. In the same grade metal & colour as sheets supplied. 

Flashings - Ridges 

3 supplied, at a length of 2.440m measuring 150mm x 150mm to suit a 15 degree roof pitch, this however can be changed to suit your roof if your roof isn't 15 degrees. In the same grade metal & colour as sheets supplied. 

Foam Fillers 

12 pairs supplied, these Foam inserts are designed to fill Eaves and Ridges to prevent bugs & creepy crawlies entering your garage. 

Timber Fixings 

200 32mm, fitted with a 16mm galvanised, EPDM washer, the fixings supplied are designed to secure the roofing sheets to timber purlins, in the valley of the sheets.


100 Stitchers are supplied, again fitted with a 16mm galvanised EPDM washer, these stitchers are designed to stitch the roofing sheets together on the overlap, at roughly 450mm centres, and secure the flashings to the roofing sheets. 

Colour Caps 

300 Colour Caps supplied, to cover the Timber Fixings, and Stitchers to protect the head from the elements, and blend in with the colour of the roofing sheets. 


Single socket supplied which will fit the Timber fixings & Stitchers. All fixings are self drilling.

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