Corrugated Garden Planter


Made from Galvanised Corrugated Sheets, 

This raised garden bed is supplied in kit form, flat packed with full instructions makes an ideal comtemporary garden planter or composter. 

The kit contains:

 *  2 long galvanised corrugated sheets for the side panels

 *  2 short galvanised corrugated sheets for the edges

 *  4 Flashings, with safety edges for the top edges 

 *  Fixings 

 *  Instructions 

The external dimensions are: 

1000mm (1 metre) Wide

535mm (0.535 metre) Length

665mm (0.665 metre) Height

So, you too can grow your own vegetables, especially root veg like potatoes,  have raised flower beds or just use it as a stylish compostor. The kit is designed to be easy to assemble, we have also done our best to minimise the sharp edges but with corrugated metal sharp edges are a hazard - so please take care when unpacking & assembling. 

Ideally the planter would be placed over prepared ground, where the ground has been dug out, and levelled so that at least one corrugation is buried below ground. The cardboard outer can then be used as a weed barrier on top of the soil. The depth of the corrugated sheet planter encorages root growth, the side walls and edges will deflect heat on hot summer days. 

The height, apart from assisting in moisture retention is ideal for those gardeners who suffer from back problems as there is a limited amount of bending down thus easier gardening. 

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